Saturday, March 07, 2015


Born and raised in the shadows of the countless skyscrapers of New York City, Bob Caporale moved to Mobile, Alabama to join the publishing and research house known as Elevator World in 1993. The founder and editor Bill Sturgeon already thought vertical and horizontal transport people should talk to each other more. In 1995 Bob as editor continued the dialog, encouraging it in many ways through articles and workshops.

With Assistant Brad O'Gwynn, Caporale
snaps a pic with journalistic flare.

Caporale approached and still approaches a wide range of related architectural, planning, regulatory and contractual issues with an open, flexible mind that sometimes conflicts with the hard worlds of mechanical engineering and public safety. This takes a good listening ear and a careful use of words.

Although still a Yankee who knows the challenges of winter, Bob has become addicted to Caribbean breezes and to West Indies Salad --  a crab dish special to the Mobile Bay. He retired from EW in 2013, and has stayed along America‚Äôs South Coast. He still finds time to contribute to and his interest in smart horizontal movement innovation remain sharp. 

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