Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Bill James of Jpods is a man on a mission of liberation. He sees himself upholding the United States Constitution by undoing a Federal "monopoly" on transportation. Bill despairs over the oil-guzzling stupidity of our road-focused infrastructure, He knows well the agony of bloodshed especially when it’s over something as mundane as gas and oil. “Our dependency on oil is a lot like the antebellum South’s dependence on slaves.” He calculates that a barrel of oil is the equivalent of twelve slaves for a year. We need to stop this.
Bill James;s happy solar vision,

James’s thinking focuses on US constitutional issues that have produced intolerable congestion and carnage on our Interstate highways of the oil-giddy 1950s thanks to General Dwight D. Eisenhower as president in the 1960s. He argues that Government needs to get out of monopolistic assumptions that cars and streets are the beginning and end of American life. Young people today are not as infatuated with cars. Smartcars are emerging as major generational shifts take place. Jpods  aims at them as it integrates solar power collection into PRT designs. “PRT technology is not the issue. Morgantown’s decades of safe and reliable service is today’s baseline.”

Jpods has obtained formal consent from the New Jersey town of Secaucus to install and operate within their jurisdiction. James works with Atlantic Energy, a Sacramento-based manufacturer of solar roofing tiles. With a network of West Point classmates and friends, he is opening new mobility dialogs with Boston – the City and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. And he may yet be the first to break podcar dirt in Silicon Valley.

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