Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Ted Flanigan not only worries about carbon emissions, he has figured out ways to make a living convincing and helping others to green up their buildings and campuses. Image and communications are key. One of his tools for that is a 32-foot diameter sphere. That's the size of a ton of carbon dioxide -- one of the billions of tons that gets belched into our atmosphere every day. This is the major cause of Global Warming. Seeing Ted's Emissions Time Bomb brings that message to people right where it counts - their minds and hearts.

Although Ted, like his brother Bill, grew up in New York, his company EcoMotion is based in Irvine CA. They motivate people and institutions to green up their operations. They do walk-through assessments, feasibility and cost/benefit studies, and program management. His brother Bill has long been active in ATRA, and he understands the potential of podcars. Bill occasionally leaves his Colorado home to work with Ted and has been trained to inflate, safeguard and then deflate the Save-A-Ton balloon. So Ted understands podcars too.

Ted is active in professional and academic circles and often gives talks on renewable energy, bringing to the podium years of experience accumulated while working at the New York Power Authority in the 1980s and 1990s, and then as Director of Energy Efficiency for the City of Los Angeles. Learn more about his green aspirations and services at www.ecomotion.us.

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