Saturday, December 19, 2015

January 9 within the DC Beltway

Something extraordinary is happening, and you have an opportunity to tap into it at the University of Maryland on Saturday, January 9, 2016. ATRA will have its annual technical information exchange (dubbed Technix) structured to engage you to Envision Advanced Transit (EAT). A modest registration covers breakfast, lunch and materials. The fellowship, learning and networking are free.

What is your concept of a mobility hub anchoring an urban neighborhood?
What do driverless cars mean to us? What are connected cars? What urban infrastructure do they need? Can they operate on streets and special guideways? When and where? What are the planning dimensions? The costs? Most importantly, how can we identify the benefits?

A new USDOT Smart City initiative is raising the intensity of discussions around such questions. Interest and investment have been stimulated by the upsurge in technology-enabled mobility -- Uber, Lyft, Bridj, Vulog, etc. Millions of dollars are pouring into such smart undertakings, overwhemling the tradition outlooks of transportation policy-makers. As former Pennsylvania DOT Director Biehler recently put it, "Ten years ago we could forecast travel demand out 20-25 years with some confidence. Today, we can't."

Trends are reversing. Never-ending suburban out-growth has slowed, and infill in older urban districts is on the rise. Young people are trending away from car ownership. The reality of Climate Change are bringing new pressures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as vehicles burning fossil fuels.

On January 9, Technix Teams will engage in solutions in a variety of specific urban settings. People with different backgrounds and outlooks with exchange civic and professional views. ATRA invites you to come EAT with them. Visit for more information and to register.

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