Friday, September 16, 2016


In a world where visions of better urban transportation are scarce, South Carolina's Fred Payne beams out a steady stream of positive images and thoughts. He and the Envision SC Update he is leading for the Greenville County Council use a different vocabulary. They speak of mobility hubs and GreenVillages with high accessibility and connectivity. They argue that this will solve many first/last mile problems, reducing the need to own cars and thus reduces congestion and related problems.

Fred Payne's infectious Southern Smile
For years, Fred has urged civic officials, major stakeholders and the general public in this direction fully aware of podcar possibilities. He frequently speaks at civic and professional events. On September 16. he moderated a session of Smart Transportation Corridors and Smarter GreenVillages Development at the annual meeting of a county planning officials.

Due to the seeds Fred have planted, podcars are being considered in and around Greenville -- in a trial-oriented development corridor, at the airport, by several large medical and university campuses and at senior complexes.

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